When all nations are on the same side, there can be no conflict

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What Is ENIA?

Every Nation International Alliance

This is a proposed military alliance intended to supersede those that currently exist such as N.A.T.O. and C.S.T.O., and to modify the 1970 Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty in such a way that it will create and maintain an EFFECTIVE reduction in nuclear armaments.

The difference between this military alliance and those it will replace, is that this will be an all-inclusive alliance of which every nation will be a member, and the modification to the 1970 NPT will be that each of those nations will limit their nuclear capability to one nuclear weapon rather than none.

Membership of this alliance will not be dependent on the member nation adopting any predetermined political ideology or system of government. This will not be an alliance contrived to modify and unify all systems of government and politics into a controlled standard, rather, it will be an alliance that will permit a nation to adopt any system of government or political ideal that it chooses to and to follow it in peace. This criterion is that which will allow all nations to form a single, cohesive alliance rather than the multiple, divisive alliances that we have now. The only anticipated conditions of membership will be:

1) That the member nation shall contain its governance to within its recognised and established borders.

2) Where borders or territory are in dispute, those disputes shall be resolved non-aggressively by a specifically appointed independent authority.

3) Each nation shall limit its nuclear capability to a single device, and submit itself to continuous monitoring of this criterion.

It will be the mutual enforcement of these conditions by each and every nation in the alliance over each and every other nation in the alliance that will enable this alliance to establish a non-escalating and effective nuclear deterrent to exist, the benefits of which will be a safer world and less spending on arms.

What Is The ENIA Foundation?

The ENIA Foundation

The ENIA Foundation is a platform for representatives from all nations to discuss their views on the concept of ENIA, in order to develop it and make it work. All Nations have been invited to express an interest in ENIA and may become members of the ENIA Foundation. Membership of the ENIA Foundation is not the same as membership of the alliance it wishes to create and develop. The Every Nation International Alliance as yet does not exist. The ENIA Foundation is there to make its existence possible

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